General project

Android Control

The aim of the project was to present the real-time capability and the functionality of DROIDcontrol thanks to a demonstration application. During the project, the complete hardware for controlling the robot and the programming software has been realized.

In a first step, a modular and extensible hardware was designed and built. This consists of a motherboard and function cards. On the motherboard, there is a Colibri PXA320 computer module Toradex, an Altera Cyclone II FPGA and the most popular interfaces such as RS232 and Ethernet. The FPGA is used to expand the computer module and so enables the connecting of 5 functional cards. Two identical motion boards were manufactured, each of these boards can be used for the control of four robot axes.

In addition to hardware, software was written at various levels. Time-critical parts have been implemented in the FPGA and the communication between Colibri module and expansion slots was realized. In the real-time part of the software we find the closed-loop control and the safety-related part. On Android level, the user interface of the control has been programmed together with a new application for smartphones, which allows controlling the Education Robot.

Duration: 07.08.2016