General project

Camera Platform for Quadcopters

Development of an Actively Controlled Camera Platform for Quadcopters

The aim of this Bachelor project was to develop a camera platform for a multi-copter, enabling an SLR camera to produce jerk-free pictures. The high mass moment of inertia of the camera is used to rapidly damp motion changes of the multi-copter. Three motors are used, so that the camera can rotate freely around all three axes. A position control ensures that the camera platform can be maintained in the desired position. Backlash-free gears are used in order not to affect control accuracy. The entire platform consists of a low weight aluminum construction in order not to constrain the dynamics of the multi-copter. Information about the position of the platform is needed for active balancing. This information is obtained with a gyroscope, an acceleration sensor and a magnetic sensor. A high-performance microcontroller is responsible for data evaluation and motor control.

Duration: 07.08.2016