General project

PATHOS: Poetic Animatronics Through Hands On Systems

The aim of the project is to provide artists with an animatronic framework tailored for poetic expression in motion-based artworks and interfaces. By poetic/ emotive we refer to a nuance of control that can engage a viewer aesthetically and emotionally. The language of movement is very rich and intuitive, but the cur-rent interfaces and physical technologies used to speak it are crude, complex to control and inaccessible. Examples of fine motion control could be: imitating a subtle change in body posture, a mood change in a face, a leaf in the wind, an object falling under water or the way speed and distance make a landscape move. The objective might be very naturalistic movement or stylized cartoonish gestures depending on the artistic vision, but the precision of language depends on the flexibility of the technology and the degree of control the artist has over it. PATHOS intends to provide this control along with a system of specially de-signed and selected actuation and sensor mechanisms. The final demonstrate of the range of the PATHOS platform is planned through a series of 4-6 artworks of the Indo-Danish art duo Pors & Rao, culminating in an exhibition for the public. Once the platform has been validated and tested through the artworks, the software framework along with some hardware modules will be published as an open source resource.

Duration: 08.08.2016