Focus areas

The main objective of the Business Administration degree program at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences is to qualify you for professions with a promising future in a systematic and practice-oriented manner, and to pave the way for a successful career in business and management. To enable you to prepare for your career in the best possible way, our Business Administration course gives you a choice of seven profession-oriented specialisations.

Strategic Management

You will gain an insight into the success-critical interrelationships and logic with which companies can continuously adapt to changing conditions while simultaneously making the most of the opportunities offered by new technologies.

You will be qualified as an internal consultant who, in particular, provides managers from technical and scientific backgrounds with business management support.

You will specialise in the relevant aspects of product and brand management, sales management, key account management and integrated communication in corporate and marketing strategies.

With the methods and skills that are taught in this focus area, you can implement and carry out complex change and development processes in companies and institutions.

You will learn fundamental financial theories and acquire sound knowledge of how financial markets work, as well as learning about professional asset management and the advantages and disadvantages of various financial investments.