As a graduate of the Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology, you will be a highly sought-after candidate for specialist and management positions. Your degree will enable you to undertake highly skilled activities and professional management functions in all types of IT projects in a corporate environment. With the specialization in business software development, you also qualify for professions in the area of business application development.

Business IT specialists are not only active in the ICT industry, but also in various departments such as IT, controlling, logistics, procurement or sales in a wide range of industries.

Our graduates have a variety of career prospects. The official names of Swiss ICT are used to give you an idea of the different professions. There are many synonyms for the various professions.

Career prospects

The career prospects are very good: the ICT job market is growing exponentially. According to the latest study ‘ICT-Skilled Situation Demand Forecast 2026’, an additional skilled labour demand of 88,500 people is predicted for Switzerland in 2026. Of these, 40,300 specialists represent the additional training requirements.

In the ICT field, 49% of employees in Switzerland have a university degree. The level of education of ICT employees is thus very high compared to the level of education of employees in Switzerland as a whole, which is 26%. Studying is therefore a useful investment if you want to work in ICT.