Bachelor in Computer Science

Information technology is indispensable for effectively tackling major social challenges such as climate change, environmental protection, rapidly changing mobility, the shortage of skilled workers and an ageing population. With our computer science degree, you will acquire comprehensive skills to unlock the potential of digitalization.

As an Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences computer science graduate, you will be a highly trained specialist and exactly what companies and service providers of all sizes and sectors are looking for.

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Program Overview

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Start of studies
Every September in calendar week 38

Duration of study   
6 semesters full-time
8 semesters part-time 

German, with selected courses in English

CHF 1,000 per semester 

Place of study
Campus Rapperswil-Jona (all specializations)
St.Gallen campus (Software Engineering specialization)

Application deadline
April 30 of the current year, applications are still possible as long as places are available.

Contact person

Prof. Mirko Stocker
Program Director Computer Science 

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Why study computer science?

Information technology plays a central role in shaping our society and offers opportunities for positive change and an improved quality of life worldwide.

  • Technological innovation: Information technology drives innovations that shape our everyday lives, from software development to healthcare.
  • Economic impact: Companies need computer science experts to stay competitive and manage their IT infrastructure.
  • Social impact: Information technology can help address social issues, such as healthcare or environmental protection.
  • Digital inclusion: Access to digital technologies is crucial for participation in society.
  • Ethics and data protection: IT experts are needed to ensure ethical standards in the development of technologies.
Studentin des Bachelorstudium Informatik

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

Future prospects

Congratulations: You have successfully completed your Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. Now it's time to plan your future. Find out more about possible future prospects and exciting career opportunities.

Career Opportunities

What does the computer science degree program involve?

  • Basic knowledge: You will gain a solid grounding in the fundamentals of computer science, from algorithms, operating systems and computer networks to artificial intelligence and security.
  • Programming skills: You will become proficient in several programming languages, such as Java, Python, C++ and others. This will enable you to write efficient, effective code for a variety of applications and platforms.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Through coursework and projects, you will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for developing solutions to complex problems.
  • Software development: You will learn the software development lifecycle, including requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and operation in the cloud.
  • Specialized knowledge: Put together your tailor-made curriculum from our advanced modules in the various specializations or follow the sample study plans.


On the Computer Science degree course, you can specialize in Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Network and Cloud Infrastructure. You will apply your knowledge in exciting and socially relevant application projects.

With a specialization in software engineering, you will become an all-rounder in software development and learn to develop software for complex, distributed application systems. How can you develop and optimize applications that can be operated efficiently, scalably and maintainably?


eine Studentin und ein Student des Bachelor Informatik vor einem Server

Are you interested in large networked systems, such as the provisioning of network infrastructure in large companies or cloud platforms? In this specialization, you will learn about the construction, maintenance and further development of such systems.

Student des Bachelor Informatik mit Studienschwerpunkt Cybersecurity vor Monitor

In the cyber security specialization, we teach you how to design software and infrastructures securely and protect them from attacks. Building on the general security basics, you will delve deeper into disciplines such as network/IoT security, secure software, cyber defense, platform security and incident response.

Studentin und Student mit Vertiefung Data Science vor Whiteboard

Gaining useful information from data? In the data science specialization, you deal with data management, data analysis and machine learning. Data is collected everywhere, whether in smartphones, production lines, sensor networks or cameras. You will learn how to evaluate it and derive insights from it.

Organizational aspects of your studies

No matter which study model you choose: In our module-based teaching with lectures and exercises/labs, all students study from Monday to Friday and graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. The computer science course is designed as an attendance-based course with a proportion of self-study.

Full-time study in four-five days

On the full-time Bachelor's degree course in Computer Science, you will usually complete your degree within 6 semesters. Depending on the modules you choose, you study four to five days a week in class.

Part-time study on three days (part-time 3 model)

Part-time study at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences allows you to organize your studies flexibly. The sample study plans are designed so that you study three days a week. Two days of the week are available for work, childcare obligations, etc. You are also free to flexibly take more or fewer modules and adapt the workload to your individual needs. You complete the part-time degree in computer science after eight semesters.

Good to know: You can switch between part-time and full-time study at the end of each semester.

Part-time study on two days (part-time 2 model)

Do you already have good prior knowledge of computer science, are you in employment and are therefore unable to be present three days a week? Then the «part-time study on two days» model gives you the opportunity to reduce your attendance in the «Software Engineering» specialization to two days per week. This leaves you three days a week for your career.

 More about study models and structure

Whether it's student advice or learning support: we are there for you in your everyday life during your Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. Would you like to help shape teaching? Get involved in the student council or apply for a part-time position in one of our institutes.

Student Advisory Service

In each semester of your Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, you will discuss your progress to date and which modules you will tackle in the coming semester with your student advisor. The student advisor will answer your questions and help you make important decisions for the further course of your computer science studies at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.

Tutorial sessions

Regular tutoring sessions will support you in the computer science and mathematics modules of the first semester of your Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. Advanced students support younger students in their studies and thus deepen their knowledge according to the motto «learning through teaching».

Student representatives

The student representatives represent the interests of students on the Computer Science degree programme at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences vis-à-vis the university and external organizations. The student representatives meet regularly with the head of degree program and the students of the Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. They take part in the annual degree program conference together with all lecturers and professors.

Learning support

Would you like to develop your learning behavior and prepare for upcoming exams in a targeted and stress-free manner? Then the «Learning Support» workshop is the right place for you. In this three-part course, you will learn methods for dealing with anxiety and stress in the learning process, reflect critically on your own learning behavior and develop individual learning strategies. We will show you ways of taking notes in class and preparing for exams and support you in your learning planning as required.

Further information on the workshop can be found in the module description.

Introductory day

Would you like to experience lessons live? Attend lessons in ongoing computer science classes, exchange ideas with our students and explore our campus directly on Lake Zurich.

Make an appointment for introductory lectures with Claudia Furrer from the study program office:

Our complete range of modules in all specializations of the Bachelor of Computer Science degree program can be attended at the  Rapperswil-Jona campus.

The Software Engineering specialization is also offered at the ​​​​​​​St.Gallen campus as an option. You can also attend all modules at the Rapperswil-Jona campus.

The Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences attaches great importance to a strong practical orientation in the Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science. During your computer science studies, you will deepen your knowledge in state-of-the-art computer network laboratories. Team projects, programming and software tasks provide even more practical relevance. There you will gain project experience and real industry practice. You can also work directly with a company on your coursework and Bachelor's thesis.

 More about practical relevance

Admission and application

Admission to a university of applied sciences is regulated throughout Switzerland. We need some information from you, which you can submit online using the form. We explain the exact process on the Admission page.

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Your contact to the study program

Prof. Mirko Stocker

IFS Institut für Software Professor für Software Engineering, Studiengangleiter I

+41 58 257 47 13


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