Vier Studierende des Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik im Campusgebäude

Bachelor in Business Information Technology

Digital transformation is bringing people and technology closer together. As a result of this development, there is an increasing need for specialists in business information technology. The bachelor's program in business information technologyat OST trains students for professions that are in high-demand both regionally and throughout Switzerland

Study program in brief

Specialization options

Digital Business Management, Business Software Development

Practical relevance

Consulting projects with real assignments from the business world

Types of study/time models

Full-time or part-time


Vocational baccalaureate (Berufsmatura); baccalaureate (Matura) and specialized baccalaureate (Fachmatura) with additional work experience

Application deadline

End of April of the current year

Start of studies

Every September in week 38, introductory week in week 37


Campus St.Gallen
Campus Rapperswil-Jona

Why study Business Information Technology?

  • Help shape the future: Do you want to understand what makes companies tick and how the IT world works? You can learn exactly that with us  - and you don't need any prior knowledge. Immerse yourself in the exciting world where business meets technology and be prepared to master both.
  • Secure bright prospects: There is a huge demand for bright minds in the IT sector and everything that goes with it. And it will stay that way: over 110,000 additional experts and managers will be needed by 2028. Start with us into a future where all doors are open to you.
  • Learn hands-on: At OST, lessons are packed with real projects and real challenges from real companies. This allows you to apply what you learn directly and immediately see how valuable your knowledge is in practice.
  • Enjoy flexibility: Do you want to shape your own learning path? With us, you can set your own priorities and deepen your knowledge in areas that particularly interest you. Fancy an adventure? How about a semester abroad?
  • More than just specialist knowledge: Sure, specialist knowledge is important. But to be really successful, you also need to be able to shine in a team. That's why we also promote your soft skills - self-reflection, communication, teamwork - everything you need to take off as a specialist or manager.