Study contents

You benefit from combining the three areas of technology, economics and methodology. In addition to the specialist modules, the transfer of knowledge takes place in cross-program projects and individual transfers.


In the field of technology, you will focus on engineering disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, physics, applied programming, CAD and simulation methods. You will learn the technical basics that will enable you to work at the interface between computer science, electronics and mechanical engineering and between development, production and marketing.


  • Engineering competences
  • Systems engineering
  • Production engineering
  • Information technology

In the field of economics, you will develop the business and economic fundamentals, especially in the areas of finance and accounting, organisation and management. You will analyse markets, develop sales concepts and deal with business models. You will get to know the legal foundations of a company and optimise business processes.

The methodology learning area equips you with a ‘toolbox’ for the profession. You will learn to successfully manage projects, analyse complex systems and make well-founded decisions. This will prepare you for cross-divisional functions in quality, risk, innovation and technology management. In addition, you will strengthen your communicative skills, which you will need in your everyday work.

Throughout your studies, you will work on an industrial project. You will develop an industrially manufactured product from the identification of potential to series production and go through all phases together with an industrial partner.

With the term paper and the bachelor's thesis, the students deal with individual focus topics.