Welcome to Precision Photonic Systems'24

Located in Switzerland's «Photonik Valley», this conference focuses on application-oriented research and brings together researchers from the fields of photonics, microtechnology and electronics.

This science application-oriented conference – positioned in the center of the “Photonics Valley” in Switzerland - aims to bring together scientists from photonics, microtechnology and electronics. The conference is accompanied by a tabletop industry exhibition. Additionally, a photonics branch meeting will support networking between industry and academia. An evening event at the end of the first day will allow, to meet colleges and friends, deepen existing contacts and make new contacts.

Call for Papers
The conference will be organized in sessions. Each session will be introduced by a keynote presentation of high-level speakers from their field. This call for paper gives opportunity to scientists and researchers to present their own presentations (20 min incl. discussion) and exchange their ideas with experts from industry and academia.

Become part of the expert community for photonics and microtechnology and submit a half-page abstract here by June 30, 2024.

Important dates

June 30, 2024:

Submission of abstracts (1/2 page)

July. 19, 2023:

Notification of paper acceptance

Aug. 16, 2024:

Paper submission deadline (2 page extended abstract incl. figures)

Sept. 4. - 5., 2024:


Keynote 2024

Christoph Kocher, Landqart AG, Christian Börnnimann, DECTRIS, Daniel Flamm, Trumpf, Remus Nicolaesu, PointCloud