Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023

Development of a waveguide-based interferometer for the measurement of trace substances Ernest Weingartner, FHNW Windisch

Dual-comb revolution for precision measurements Justinas Pupeikis, K2-Photonics

Fluorescence-based sensor for continuous monitoring of microplastic in sea water Peter Cristofolini, CSEM

Strategic Research and Innovation Areas of Photonics 21 Michael Wale,Univ. College of London

How Photonics serves the megatrends of our time Michael Totzeck, Zeiss AG

Miniaturized Fluorescence Biosensing Reader for Multiplexed Allergen Screening at the Point-Of-Care Yevhen Shynkarenko, CSEM

Integration colloidal quantum dots photodetector for compact Fourier-transform waveguide spectrometers Ivan Shorubalko, Empa

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2023

Selective laser-induced etching – a novel tool for photonics manufacturing Jens Gottmann, Light Fab

Precision glass processing and PARMS for the efficient manufacturing of advanced and miniaturized optical components  Stefan Ochsenbein, Materion Balzers Optics

Pressure sensitive soft polymer optical fibers processed via microfluidic wet spinning technology Khushdeep Sharma, Empa

Laser machining as enabling technology for miniaturization Rodolphe Catrin, RhySearch

Macro pleasure with the production of Laser Microprocessing SolutionsSandro Schneider, Yalosys AG

Automated measurement of functional parameters for fast- and slow axis collimator lenses for high-power diode lasersValentin Lendenmann, FISBA AG

Hybrid III-V/Silicon photonics for on-chip optical communication Kirsten Moselund,PSI

Lowest-Cost Communication with Light Laszlo Arato, OST ESA

Micro-Optical Integration of Broadband Light Sources for High-Resolution Imaging José Rios, Exalos AG

Modular and Portable Time-Resolved Fluorescence Measurement SystemRaphael Hagen, ZHAW Zürich

High performance 3D-printed optical micro-systemsAndrea Toulouse, Institut für Technische Optik Uni Stuttgart