Evelyn Bamberger

SPFWissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin I

+41 58 257 48 29evelyn.bamberger@ost.ch

  • : Hardware-in-the-Loop Tests on Complete Systems with Heat Pumps and PV for the Supply of Heat and Electricity,
  • A. Baggenstos: PVT Wrap-Up: Energy Systems with Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Collectors,
  • M. Battaglia: Increased self-consumption and grid flexibility of PV and heat pump systems with thermal and electrical storage,
  • M. Battaglia, M. Borner: Steigerung des Photovoltaik-Eigenverbrauchs durch intelligente Wärmepumpen,
  • A. Baggenstos: PVT Wrap-Up: Energiesysteme mit Photovoltaisch-Thermischen Solarkollektoren,