Segment Routing

Discover the power of segment routing encapsulation.

«This course covers the migration from MPLS to Segment Routing-MPLS. In today's network, there is really no reason not to get away from LDP and start the Segment Routing (SR) adventure. If you have SR unlocked, you get powerful functions like Topology Independent-Loop Free Alternate (TI-LFA) and Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SR-TE) as a direct gift. This allows you to route the L3 VPN traffic to different paths depending on the requirements of the application, e.g. to the path with the lowest delay.

In addition to the functions and basics of SR with SR-MPLS, we introduce SRv6 data encapsulation. SRv6 offers even more possibilities than SR-MPLS and is undisputedly the data encapsulation of the future. L3 VPNs can now be easily set up with IPv6 and without MPLS.»

Prof. Laurent Metzger, Institute Director INS

Segment Routing course 

With segment routing, software-defined MPLS underlay networks are made possible, similar to SD-WAN overlay networks with VXLAN, DMVPN, etc. A controller creates intelligence and flexibility in the underlay networks. Features such as FRR (Fast Re-Routing), SR-TE (Segment Routing-Traffic Engineering) and Performance Routing are natively integrated with the solution. All usable information is conveyed via ISIS or OSPF. No additional protocols, such as LDP (Label Distribution Protocol) or RSVP-TE (Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic Engineering), are required. Everything is simplified and the paths for routing can be controlled in detail. If the controller is used, the network can be programmed with modern tools such as Python.

Overview of topics:

  • Segment Routing Identifiers, Prefix-SID, Adjacency-SID, Anycast SID, Binding-SID
  • Segment Routing Operations with ISIS
  • Segment Routing Operations with OSPF
  • MPLS Networks with Segment Routing
  • Interoperability LDP Segment Routing: Mapping Server
  • Transport Independent Loop Free Alternate (TI LFA) Fast Reroute (FRR)
  • SR-TE (Segment Routing TE)
  • SR-TE Dynamic Tunnels
  • Multi-Domain Segment Routing
  • Routing based on performance
  • PCEP, active, passive
  • XTC Controller (IOS-XRv Controller)
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • IPv6 and Segment Routing v6 (SRv6)
  • Case Study Implementation
  • Impact on the established network industry
  • Future Development
  • Lab exercises with IOS-XRv VMs

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Target group and requirements:

The course is aimed at the following groups of people:

  • Network architects
  • Network Support Engineers

Basic knowledge of MPLS L3 VPN and IGP (ISIS or OSPF) is a prerequisite for this workshop. It is necessary to bring your own laptop to attend the course.

Course dates:

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CHF 1 890 incl. lunch and course materials.


The course takes place at the OST – University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland in Rapperswil.

Company training

We are happy to conduct this further training as a company course. Individual needs are taken into account after consultation.