Digital Skills and Training Needs of 50+. A Study Beyond the Digital Divide (Swiss National Fund, NFP77)

Digital competences are among the most important skills in our society. More and more, the question arises how people can be supported not only in acquiring digital competences, but also in maintaining and expanding them. In particular, middle-aged and older people with moderate digital skills will need more support in the future. With this project, the Institute of Age Research (IAF) aims to highlight the current situation of this group of people and their needs and expectations. The aim is to develop and provide an instrument for assessing digital competences.

First, the current range of courses for the acquisition of digital competences in Switzerland will be analysed. Then, a dynamically customisable questionnaire for self-evaluation of digital competences will be developed, which will be used in the long term throughout the project. A representative survey will be conducted to determine the digital skills and training needs of people 50+. Qualitative interviews will highlight training experiences in courses. Based on this data, specific recommendations for practice will be formulated and exemplified with international good practice examples.

Please find more information and the questionnaire for self-evaluation at

Project management

Institute for Research on Ageing (Prof. Dr. Sabina Misoch)

Project team

Lilo-Marie Ruther, Damian Hedinger, Sarah Speck, Miram Wallimann


AvantAge; Innovage Northwestern Switzerland; Klubschule Migros Ostschweiz; Pro Senectute Graubünden; Pro Senectute St.Gallen


Swiss National Science Foundation, National Research Programme «Digital Transformation NRP77


09/2020 - 08/2024