Living Labs

Living Labs are a counter model to traditional laboratories. Within the Living Labs, products and innovations are tested in real-life environments.

The primary focus of the IAF Living Labs are private households and individuals aged 60+. Participating households will be provided with AAL (Active & Assisted Living) technological innovations.

This approach centers on the end user, who tests these systems in his or her daily life and personal environment.

Our goals:

  • to maintain the autonomy and independence of older adults for as long as possible
  • to provide the nursing staff and care-giving relatives with the best possible support
  • to increase and improve the safety and quality of life of those affected

Are you interested in testing your product or service in our Living Lab 65+? Would you like to participate in a Living Lab test? If you are interested, please contact us for more information:

A glimpse into the Living Labs

"easierphone" - Participatory Further Development of an Age-Appropriate Smartphone App

Usage of smartphones by people aged 65+ is steadily increasing in Switzerland. Older adults can find it difficult to use smartphones and "senior citizens' phones" are not perceived as a satisfactory alternative because of their stigmatising designs and reduced functions.

Smart Cuff (Innosuisse)

Enabling older adults or high-risk patients to stay at home before or soon after hospitalisation could significantly reduce public health costs and increase patient quality of life.

IBH Living Lab Active & Assisted Living 

The aim of the project is to enable people with physical and psychological constraints to have a better quality of life thanks to AAL (Active & Assisted Living) solutions, while at the same time facilitating and supporting the work of carers. An international network of universities in the wider Lake Constance area has been created for this purpose

BREF Project AALiving – Constructing a natural testing environment for AAL

The goal of AALiving Lab@home is to enable older adults to continue living independently in their usual surroundings for as long as possible. The development of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technologies is vital for this purpose.

Partizipative Testung assistiver Technik. Das Konzept der Living Labs 65+ des IAF

Authors: Stephanie Lehmann, Veronika Hämmerle, Cora Pauli, Sabina Misoch

Proceedings: Contribution to the 6th Ambient Medicine Forum. Assistive Technik für selbstbestimmtes Wohnen

LivingLab 65+ – Co-creation with retirement and nursing homes

Authors: Veronika Hämmerle, Stephanie Lehmann, Cora Pauli & Sabina Misoch

Preceedings: Contribution to the Open Living Lab Days 2019

Living Lab 65+ Senioren/innen testen technische Assistenzsysteme in ihrer häuslichen Umgebung

Authors: Veronika Hämmerle, Cora Pauli, Stephanie Lehmann, Sabina Misoch

Proceedings: Proceedings Technische Unterstützungssysteme, die die Menschen wirklich wollen (Band zur dritten transdisziplinären Konferenz 2018)

Pages: 33-40

Living Lab 65+ – Participatory testing of technica. Assistance systems in the natural home environment of senior ciitzens.

Authors: Sabina Misoch, Stephanie Lehmann, Cora Pauli, Veronika Hämmerle, Urs Guggenbühl, Dimitri Konstantas 

Proceedings: Beitrag zu den OpenLivingLab Days 2018

Pages: 422-431

Living Lab 65+: Hilfen für Senioren im Test

Authors: Stephanie Lehmann, Cora Pauli

Journal: Campus 1

Page: 7

Living Labs – Ein neuer Forschungsansatz

Authors: Sabina Misoch

Journal: Eulenblick 1

Pages: 3-4

Living Labs – Eine internationale Zusammenarbeit rund um den Bodensee

Authors: Stephanie Lehmann, Sabina Misoch

Journal: Eulenblick 2

Pages: 2-3

Partizipative Forschung auf höchster Stufe: Seniorinnen und Senioren beforschen ihre eigene Altersgruppe

Authors: Stephanie Lehmann, Cora Pauli, Sabina Misoch

Journal: Zeitschrift Wegweiser Bürgergesellschaf

AALiving Lab@home – Aufbau einer natürlichen Testumgebung für AAL (Active & Assisted Living) -Innovationen in der Ostschweiz

Authors: Stephanie Lehmann, Cora Pauli, Sabina Misoch

Proceedings: Contributions to Usability Day XV. Umgebungsunterstützes Leben.

Allgemeines Modell der IKOA AAL Living Labs

Authors: Sabina Misoch, Beda Meienberger, Cora Pauli, Stephanie Lehmann, Sebastian Wörwag

Proceedings: Contributions to Usability Day XV. Umgebungsunterstützes Leben. 

AALivingLab @ home – Aufbau einer natürlichen Testumgebung für AAL-Innovationen in der Ostschweiz

Authors: Cora Pauli, Sabina Misoch, Stephanie Lehmann

Scientific anthology: Anthology of the conference "SMART-FUTURE-LIVING Bodensee" from 24.11.2017