Digital Health

For more than 10 years the Institute for Information & Process Management has been exploring the challenges of ICT-based healthcare and has been developing innovative systems and applications referred to broadly as «Digital Health» solutions. Overall, the institute focuses on the following research topics:


Behavioural Change Support

  • Motivate people to change unfavourable health behaviour
  • Sustain motivation by personalising advice and taking into account context
  • Facilitate behavioural change by minimising effort through automatic adaptation

Making sense of sensor data

  • Data mining on sensor data to establish correlations between behavioural patterns and personal health
  • Track vital data to fill in the «black box» between doctoral visits
  • Remote monitoring of patients for early detection of problems

Intersectoral integration

  • Improve collaboration between different health professions
  • Achieve seamless integration of stakeholders along the care path
  • Streamline processes across different healthcare sectors

New modes of interacting with health devices

Digital health applications not only need a high degree of usability but must take the specific limitations of their individual users into account. For example, elderly people might find it difficult to interact via a display and feel more comfortable with a conversational interface. People with language impairments might prefer gestures for giving instructions to an app. A major research focus is

  • designing and developing the ideal interaction modes for the target users of an application,
  • providing applications with multi-modal forms of interaction that cannot only be personalized by the user but also automatically adapt to an individual user’s behavior and needs