Team of students

Company Analysis

Real-life student consulting project 1, supervised teamwork

Test the fitness of your company and find out whether, why and what kinds of change measures might be needed within your business or institution. Take advantage of external expertise and obtain a methodologically sound overview and assessment of your organisation.

The following analyses are performed for all projects:  

  • Internal analysis 
    Analysis of the company using relevant instruments such as resource and capability analysis, customer and key figure analysis
  • External analysis 
    Analysis of the environment / market using relevant instruments such as trend and industry analysis as well as competitor analysis
  • Small-scale customer satisfaction analysis
    Telephone survey of around 30 customers incl. prior development of research design and questionnaire 
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
    Summary of situation and outlook analysis
  • Strategic directions including program of operational measures
    Showing how directions can be implemented at operational level

Student Input

  • Number of team members: 4 to 6 students
  • Total commitment: approx. 800 hours
  • Full-time students in semester: 3rd semester
Lecturer input
  • Whole-group seminars: 14 hours
  • Project coach: 50 hours
  • Statistics coach: 1.5 hours
  • IT coach: 3 hours
  • Final report: 60 pages, plus management summary and appendices
  • Final presentation: to client at the OST
  • Confidentiality: all data belong to the client and are treated confidentially
  • Language: German
Fixed dates
  • Start: mid-September
  • End: beginning of January
  • Duration: 14 weeks
  • Nomination: not possible
  • Flat rate: CHF 800 (excl. VAT) payable to the WTT
  • Expenses: approx. CHF 500 (as incurred) payable to students

Small businesses from all sectors in Eastern Switzerland.

The real-life student consulting project prompted us to undertake a thorough review of our existing management documents and to scrutinise and evolve our plans for the future. During the mutually beneficial collaboration, feasible approaches to solutions were developed, particularly in the area of organisational development. The project initiated some positive improvements in our organisation.

Stefan Müller, Proprietor & Managing Director S. Müller Holzbau AG, Wil

Portrait Stefan Müller, Testimonial Praxisprojekt Unternehmensanalyse