Team of American and Swiss students

JUSP - Joint US Swiss Program

Market Research & Management Design
Supervised teamwork with the partner university Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh) PA, USA

Are you looking to gain a better understanding of certain market segments in the USA? A mixed team consisting of students from the OST St.Gallen and Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh/USA analyses selected market segments for you and develops sales concepts to match your objectives in the US market. The team of students is accompanied by lecturers from both universities. Benefit from our many years of experience in the USA (since 2003).

During the 14-week project implementation phase, which starts at the beginning of January and ends in mid-April, the team will work together in the USA and Switzerland for 10 days in each country, using the latest online communication tools.

The project objectives for the selected market segments in the USA are defined in advance by the WTT and the client in accordance with the client’s specific requirements.

  • Market analyses
    size, development, forecasts, distribution, penetration, drivers, barriers, potential
  • Competition analysis
    key players, market shares, strengths/weaknesses, business models, profiles, USPs, strategies
  • (Target) customer analyses
    profiles, sectors, expectations, requirements, price acceptance, perception, satisfaction
  • Trend analysis
    megatrends, technology scouting, substitute products
  • Sales analyses and concepts
    distribution channels, sales services, sales and service models, marketing and sales concepts 
  • Partner or site evaluations
Student input
  • Number of team members: 6 students (3 OST/3 RMU students)
  • Total commitment: approx. 1,000 hours
  • Students in final semester: OST 6th semester (full-time) / 8th semester (part-time) / RMU 8th semester
Lecturer input
  • Project coach: 200 hours (Swiss and US coach together)
  • Statistics coach: as required
  • IT coach: as required
  • Intercultural mentor: 10 hours
  • Final report: approx. 60 pages, plus management summary and appendices
  • PR report
  • Final presentation: to client in Pittsburgh
  • Confidentiality: all data belong to the client and are treated confidentially
  • Language: English
Fixed dates
  • Start: early January
  • End: mid-April
  • Duration: 14 weeks
  • Nomination: possible
  • According to budget: approx. CHF 20,000 payable to WTT; includes all expenses such as flights, hotels, etc.
  • Detailed primary and secondary analysis
    in defined US market segments
  • Research design
    with specific definition of research objectives, target groups, survey methods, research content, etc.
  • Creation of questionnaires
    based on research design
  • Market surveys
    field-based (online, telephone, face-to-face, etc.) 
    desk-based with extensive research
  • Analysis
    collected data are first analysed with professional tools and then interpreted
  • Strategies and concepts for specific problems
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Businesses and institutions of all sizes and from all sectors which already have a branch in the USA or are weighing up market entry.

The team clearly exceeded our expectations by providing us with highly valuable results that we can use for future projects. The recommendations are directly applicable and include a variety of great and fresh ideas. We highly appreciated the student's engagement for the topic and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Sarah Kühnis, Product Manager Construction Tools Leica Geosystems AG, Heerbrugg

Portrait Sarah Kühnis, Leica Geosystems AG