Review 2018

Two outstanding projects in the areas of market research and management concepts – an in-depth study of the behaviour of Rhomberg Jewellery’s customers and a detailed analysis of processes in Chinese hospitals – were awarded the OST’s WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD on Monday, 17 September 2018.

On the green carpet

WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD 2018 - Green Carpet

The ceremony

WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD 2018 - Celebration

The awards buffet – time for networking

WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD 2018 - Award Buffet


01.10.2018 - Rheintaler Bote:
Eichberger auf dem Karrieresprungbrett
21.09.2018 - Oberland Nachrichten:
Die Besten der Besten
18.09.2018 - LEADER online:
Leader von morgen gekürt
18.09.2018 - Appenzell24.ch:
Fünf «Young Leader» aus Ausserrhoden
18.09.2018 - ORGANISATOR:
Leader und «Influencer» von morgen gekürt
18.09.2018 - Wiler Zeitung:
Uzwiler gewinnt WTT Young Leader Award
18.09.2018 - Luzerner Zeitung:
Schmuck verkaufen und Spital verbessern
18.09.2018 - St.Galler Tagblatt:
Schmuck verkaufen und Spital verbessern
18.09.2018 - Tüüfner Poscht:
Zwei Niederteufner holen Auszeichnung in Managementwettbewerb
14.09.2018 - St.Galler Tagblatt:
Was internationale Manager motiviert
14.09.2018 - St.Galler Tagblatt:
Auf der Spur der Pillen
13.09.2018 - St.Galler Tagblatt:
Bioforce ruht nicht und geht neue Wege
08.09.2018 - St.Galler Tagblatt:
Brüggli ist sozial und wirtschaftlich zugleich
06.09.2018 - St.Galler Tagblatt:
Mit Edelstählen und Titan in die Medizinaltechnik
31.08.2018 - St.Galler Tagblatt:
Tausende glückliche Paare
22.08.2018 - LEADER online:
Wer holt den WTT-YLA 2018?
27.06.2018 - LEADER Das Unternehmermagazin :
Stehenbleiben darf man nicht
20.05.2018 - St.Galler Tagblatt:
Girl next Door mit Einfluss

Julia Graf, Speaker WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD 2019
Julia Graf, Influencer und Content Creator

The presentation: The way to the web community

How did Julia Graf develop into a well-known influencer? How did she build her community? How does your business model work today? The Swiss with Canadian roots shows in the award presentation how she moves people on social media. "Knowing trends, being creative, keeping up with technology" is what Julia Graf calls recipes - but that is only part of her success. Influencers combine numerous skills: they are filmmakers, market researchers, advertising icons or buyers in one - and offer companies a long-standing professional service in order to be better perceived on social media. Julia Graf shows what works and what flops - using concrete examples from ten years of experience.

The speaker: Julia Graf, influencer and content creator

Julia Graf, the influencer from the very beginning, knows what is popular on which social media: Julia Graf has been inspiring her community with creative YouTube clips for ten years. The social media pioneer currently has 180 million views and 800,000 subscribers. At the same time, she is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat with thousands of followers. This is probably the most successful influencer in Switzerland and draws the attention of classic media itself - globally. The self-made entrepreneur conveys her beauty and lifestyle expertise through her channels and advertises products there again and again - provided she is behind them. In addition, she cooperates with internet platforms of media companies and acts as a social media expert at business events.