Housing and Neighbourhoods

Against the backdrop of social transformation, housing requirements and needs are changing. New challenges and fields of action are arising at the interface between individual, community and social living dimensions. We address these from our specific socio-spatial perspective by developing important fundamentals in research and develeopment projects. Together with participants from the worlds of politics, public administration, planning, social work and the housing industry, we develop on this basis fundamental analyses and new organisational approaches in the areas of housing and neighbourhoods.

  • We develop organisational approaches for tools and concepts used inhousing politics and the housing industry which take into account current developments. To this end, it is necessary to examine the social changes and framework conditions of housing and to take this findings into consideration. When it comes to transferring these into practice, actors in the areas of housing, spatial planning, architecture and urban development are particularly important.
  • We develop organisational approaches for spatial development processes, which aim to integrate the interests and needs of different groups of actors. The perspective of social work is also very important to us; its representatives don’t just moderate planning processes, they also identify the needs and concerns of the residents and include them in such processes.
  • We develop organisational approaches for social-work interventions, aimed at promoting coexistence in residential neighbourhoods in specific ways, such as by increasing potential uses for different groups or supporting acquisition processes.


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Here you can find an overview of all projects that have been conducted in the focus area Housing and Neighbourhoods.

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