Our competencies

Development and realisation

Our team combines know-how from various sub-areas, such as construction, control, automation and physics, thus enabling the development and realisation of innovative approaches. With the modern infrastructure of the HSR, realisations can be created promptly using 3D scans and printers. Simple processes are implemented in the laboratory using Labview, Matlab or PLC.

Measurement technology and test stands

We offer a wide range of excellent measurement technology to quantitatively determine various physical quantities. Test stands developed in-house additionally expand the range of possible applications for sensors and can be supplemented with our own designs if required. Where necessary, a high-speed camera provides additional information to draw the right conclusions from the data.

Data analysis and optimisation

We analyse and visualise the measured data to interpret it in a physical context. The insights gained allow us to optimise the desired properties. Statistical statements about the measurement series are determined quantitatively.

Current research areas

  • We are currently working intensively on the following sub-areasApplication and measurement of UVC LED radiation and other radiation sources
  • Behaviour of materials in the range of up to several 1000 bar at cryogenic temperatures
  • Temperature measurements using thermal imaging cameras in industrial applications combined with active temperature control
  • Optimisation of fluid flow dynamics.