Our Projects

Current Projects

  • Development of an autonomous water disinfection unit with UVC
  • Energy optimisation by means of IR images in the die casting area
  • Investigation of aerosol dispersion and taking appropriate measures against germs and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2
  • Determination of surfactant content of water using a new innovative measuring method
  • Measurement data acquisition from UV sources and application of UVC-LEDs

Completed projects

  • Development of LED UVC disinfection units for combating pathogens
  • Pulse tempering with water at 200°C for aluminium die-casting
  • Optical reactor for water disinfection
  • Pressurised water temperature control unit for energy-efficient temperature control in the high-temperature range
  • Insitu process control of the melting process in an electrofusion socket
  • Active heat flow measurement
  • Energy efficiency in injection moulding of plastics