Most people are aware of the connection between energy consumption and harmful greenhouse gases - but do you also know that saving energy is fun and saves money?

Regardless of the economic situation, interest and investments in the energy sector are constantly increasing.
Thanks to our expertise, the Institute for Energy Systems IES is the ideal partner for your research question in the field of energy systems.

Research topics of the IES

The changes in the energy sector are accelerating even more in the next years. We are all a part of the solution, not just individual sectors of the economy. It is important to put good ideas and innovations into practice and to use the opportunities that arise.

Building on the Systems Engineering, which is an integral consideration of electronics, mechanics and computer science, the Institute for Energy Systems IES combines its forces to develop energy-efficient systems that contribute to a reduction of CO2-emissions in the future. The systems engineering concept is basis for out projects.

The Institute for Energy Systems IES is mainly involved in the following areas:

  • Research: Applied research and development in the field of thermal and electrical energy systems (e.g. power electronics, photovoltaics, heat pumps, refrigeration technology, energy supply and acoustics). Comprehensive research with our partner network.
  • Service: Measurement services and projects in cooperation with industrial partners and our partner network. Laboratory and field measurements of thermal and electrical systems.
  • Education: Bachelor's degree in electrical and thermal energy systems.
  • Further education: specialist courses, colloquia, lectures, conferences, part-time master’s (MAS) and consecutive master’s (MSE)