Support association FV-IES

The Support association FV-IES aims to raise awareness of energy among the population, politics and business and to create a constructive platform for the topic of energy. After the association was founded in 2007, the Institute for Energy Systems was founded in order to strengthen the topic in applied research and education in the region.

The NTB has been part of the OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences since September 1, 2020. The IES institute is now part of the OST's Technology Department. It continues its activities and can count on the support of competent and committed employees.

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Energy technology is a tradition in Buchs

A look back:
As early as March 2009, «energy» was one of the topics that was of increasing importance for industry and the population. This includes, for example, the conscious and efficient use of increasingly scarce resources and environmentally friendly mobility.

The Interstate University of Technology Buchs NTB has a long tradition in the areas of heat pumps / refrigeration technology, photovoltaics and power electronics. The establishment of an institute for energy systems - which is to be devoted to applied research and development as well as services - therefore falls on prepared ground.

In the field of heat pumps / refrigeration technology, NTB was even one of the first pioneers. The corresponding professorship was already installed in autumn 1972. The NTB also houses the prestigious heat pump test center (WPZ), whose services are used by customers at home and abroad.


Energy systems are systems with a high level of complexity. From this point of view, too, an institute for energy systems fits perfectly into the training and research philosophy of systems technology. There are valuable and obvious synergy effects, for industry as well as for graduates of bachelor and master courses.