Custom Materials Development

Functionalization and Nano Composites


Functionalized plastics and adhesives are sophisticated polymer systems that obtain special properties through systematic modification, e.g., by admixing additives or functional fillers, by using special ingredients and polymer blends, or by surface treatments. Functional composites are key materials enabling many emerging technology developments and manufacturing processes. We develop and modify tailor-made functional polymers and adhesives for your particular application in order to implement specific properties like thermal and electrical conductivity.


Our service range

  • Research, sourcing and characterization of functional micro and nano fillers
  • Development of electrically conductive adhesives and formulation of thermal interface materials (adhesives, potting compounds, pastes, etc.)
  • Characterization of functional composites with regard to producibility, processing (rheology), performance and long-term properties
  • Thermal conductivity measurements according to ISO 22007-2 (hot disk), ASTM D5470 (stationary cylinder method), and measurements of electrical resistance and dielectric strength according to EN 60243-1

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Martina Brülisauer, M.Sc.Wiss. MA IMP

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Dr. Arno MaurerSenior Research Engineer

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