We are dedicated to microsystems thinking! We are a key partner for the development of customer-specific systems, where the smallest feature plays a central role. Our competence areas span from the design and fabrication of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) to challenging packaging solutions and the development of innovative processtechnologies. A state-of-the-art infrastructure is availabe for a successful cooperation. In addition to 600 m2 of cutting edge cleanroom space, we offer further well-equipped laboratories. Our big range of equipment and process capabilities ensure efficient implementation of projects.

Dozent Mikrosysteme

+41 58 257 34 56rudolf.buser(at)ost.ch

Dozent Prozesstechnologie

+41 58 257 34 68martin.gutsche(at)ost.ch

Dozent Mikrotechnik

+41 58 257 34 66samuel.huber(at)ost.ch

Dozent Mikrotechnik

+41 58 257 34 22tobias.lamprecht(at)ost.ch