Printing technologies


  • InkJet printer Pixdro LP50 (multi nozzle PH)
  • InkJet printer MicroDrop (single nozzle PH)
  • Micro-contactprinting tool
  • Dispenser Essemtec Scorpion
  • Screen printing tool
  • Pad printing tool Tecaprint TPE 100
  • Fused deposition modeling FDM (in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut EMS)
    • Dimension Elite
    • Delta Tower RTA 500
    • Ultimaker 3

Various equipment for the preparation and characterization of inks is shared with the materials engineering.


Ink preparation

  • Ultrasonic probe UP200S (Hielscher)
  • Ball mills: Pulverisette 7 und Pulverisette 5 (Fritsch)
  • Various homogenizers
  • Dissolver (Polytron)
  • Thinky Planetary Vacuum Mixer (Thinky)

Ink characterization

  • CVO 120 rheometer (Malvern), additional UV source- reaction kinetics
  • EasyDrop (Krüss)
  • DSC (Mettler Toledo), additional UV source