Joining micro-elements together to realize an operational product for the macro-world

Various microtechnologically manufactured elements need to be integrated and protected from interfering influences. At the same various physical interfaces are realized to  connect the outside.

Chip-Level Packaging

Micro-Chips are connected to the substrate and protected

Electrical connections from the micro-chip to the substrate are enabled by wire-bonding or die-bonding technologies. Hermetical sealing, heat dissipation, mechanical integrity, as well as optical and fluidic interfaces, are highly customizable aspects.

Wafer-Level Packaging

Arrays of micro-elements are joined together to a product in a single process step

Complex systems often require that arrays of individual elements are manufactured on different substrate technologies and subsequently joined together. Joining techniques such as soldering (eutectic, thermocompression) and bonding (anodic, fusion, polymer layer) are thereby applied and optimized according to customer requirements.

Miniaturized, heterogenous systems

Novel solution are often realized by combining different technologies in a product

Micro-elements, based on different technologies, are joined together to form a miniaturized system. The advantages of the individual techniques are combined and novel solutions are realized.

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Comprehensive packaging infrastructure is available.

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Comprehensive packaging infrastructure is available.

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