The world of photonics offers an extremely wide range of applications and uses.

Our expertise ranges from the characterization of different light sources, the coupling of light into and out of optical fibers, the design and realization of optical systems, optical metrology, optical coatings, and detection using (miniaturized) optical sensors.  Further processing of image data by means of image processing is also one of our core competences.

Furthermore, we pass on our knowledge and experience gained in cooperation with industrial partners in teaching: both in the field of photonics (course of systems engineering) and  photonics courses as part of the MSE master programme.

Your contact persons

Prof. Dr. Carlo Bach

Dozent Vision

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Dr. Oliver Fähnle

Senior Research Scientist

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Prof. Dr. Markus Michler

Dozent Photonics

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinner

Dozent Physik

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