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Because of a flood, the robots took refuge on the roof. To save themselves, the two robots have to merge the pipes from the respective storages in order to go over the support to the meeting point.



To fulfill the task we had to, in a short time, form a strong community

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To master this task, our team had to develop the robot from scratch.  For the chassis, we chose Omni-Wheels in order to have the greatest possible freedom of movement. For the lift, we were inspired by a shearing platform and for the gripper, as well as the tube movement, we chose the principle of a cableway as the ideal solution.

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For the project we received 800.- CHF from the Ost. In addition, we received support from our recruited sponsors.

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The development and production of a system which can fulfill this task was of course not thought through within a short time.
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Partner teams

To reach the meeting point was not possible on our own. In order to achieve this, we were brought together with teams that also study at the Ost.

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During the project, some photos and videos of experimental setups have been collected.

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