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M1 Solution finding and concept decision

M1a System analysis

In Milestone 1a, we worked together as a team to create the system description during the introductory lecture "System Engineering". This description was elaborated and finalized in the following weeks. In addition, the schedule of how we have to work in order to successfully reach all defined milestones was created and the tasks environment was analyzed in detail.

M1b Solution finding

At the start of the concept development process, our team was divided into groups so that we could be as creative as possible in carrying out the various strategies for finding solutions. The goal of the groups was to find as many different solutions as possible without being slowed down by the other groups.

At the end, the ideas were presented by the respective groups, compiled and then jointly favored.

M1c Concept decision

When deciding on the concept, we compiled the best solutions for the subsystems with the individual specialist discipline groups and agreed on an overall concept.

Here, it was of great importance to address the individual interfaces of the different disciplines and to check the feasibility of the concept.

M2 Design Review

The design review was critically reviewed with respect to all disciplines, allowing all team members to contribute their perspective and knowledge. The mechanics worked with the electricians to design the motors, the electricians worked with the computer scientists to review the software interfaces, and so on.

Additional information and tips could be obtained from the perspective of the specialist supervisors.

M3 Demonstration of partial functions

In milestone 3, the first partial functions were already checked. The check served to possibly find errors and to eliminate them if any were found. In addition, large parts of the robot have already been created using a 3D printer.

M4 Final report

... this milestone is still ahead of us and will then be added ...

M5 Professional presentation

... this milestone is still ahead of us and will then be added ...

M6 Audience presentation

... this milestone is still ahead of us and will then be added ...

Impressions & Photos

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