HUBert - the house builder

In the following section, our robot, namely HUBert - the house builder, is introduced in more detail:

Function of our robot:

Our robot is equipped with a two-wheeled chassis, with which he has the necessary mobility to drive straight and curves. In addition, this design allows him to rotate around its own axis.

It is also equipped with seven infrared sensors on the ground, which give it the ability to analyze the field below it. With these, it can follow a line, for example. In addition, it can detect and analyze the different walls and roofs with a Raspberry Pi camera. The Time of Flight module at the front is needed to measure the distance to the holders of the walls and the roofs, as well as the shot in the middle of the playing field.

To complete the task, our robot must be able to read the walls and roofs at the beginning. Then the components are lifted with the heart of our robot, the lifting system. Placement at the final location in the center of the playing field is also ensured with the lifting system. The components are held in place with an electro-holding magnet. The components are pre-positioned with two pins. 

Some clips from the robot:

Robot from the 3D view:

Robots during setup:

Robots during the test:

More impressions of our HUBert can be found here.