Construction team

The mechanics team is responsible for the concept development, component modeling, and the construction and assembly of the robot. Through a morphological box, the team creates three possible concepts and tests them during the specialist week. Finally, the final concept of the robot is designed and implemented from a combination of the optimal partial functions of the three concepts using the CAD program Inventor.

Dividing the entire robot process into several sub-functions and selecting the best variant from the various concept ideas was a demanding process for the mechanics team. There were uncertainties as to which variant could be better implemented or whether implementation was possible at all. After the concept decision, another challenge was to design and realize the drafts. During the realization, the exchange with the electronics team was not high enough, which caused conflicts between mechanical assemblies and electronic processes. 

Also, the Creo design program was unfamiliar to all members in the team and by switching to Inventor, the design was finally done with hardly any help from the experts. Because of the high number of components, on the one hand the time needed to create the drawings was very short and the assembly was time-consuming, but on the other hand it made it easier for the team to be more flexible.

Morphological box

Markus Gallati 
Teamleader construction
Design engineer FZ


Busenur Kanyilmaz
HTL Industrial engineering
Mechanical engineering


Eda Nur Yölek
HTL Industrial engineering
Mechanical engineering