Informatics team

The computer science team is responsible for programming the robot. Using the Eclipse program provided, the team creates the code so that the robot reaches the goal of building the house with the help of the partner team and task-specific information. Initially, a test board is used for testing purposes before the robot is finally tested. 

The difficulties during the project were mainly in the computer science area, since no one in the computer science team had ever done a project in this area and no one had any prior knowledge, problems started early. In addition, one person of the computer science team was assigned to another segment during the technical week, which made it almost impossible to understand the programming. When we had problems, the technical staff was able to help us so the team could continue. 

If there had been better communication with the electronics team, several mistakes could have been avoided. For example, the LED`s for the status request should have different colors. Now the LED`s only light up in red, which makes it difficult to recognize the status. The programming caused a lot of problems for the team. For example Putty and Open OCD crashed again and again. Furthermore, we wanted to control the LEDs with a gpio, while we should have used a PWM signal. In general, the team could have made the project easier for the computer scientists. With the software, a lot can be done well that is not intended, but this costs time and knowhow, which the technical staff fortunately had. 

Concept / Procedure

Jan Eric Keller
Teamleader informatics
Design engineer EFZ


Samuel Thönig
Polymechanic EFZ


Noah Lüchinger
Polymechanic EFZ