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Team 03 - Brickmaster03

Welcome to the Team 03 website with our robot Brickmaster03. On the right you can see a photo of our robot.

First we describe our task on this website, then we show you photos of the planning of our robot.

We then explain what we learned this year and how we found our way around after the ice bath. We will also introduce our team to you and thank you for the generous sponsoring.

At the end we added a few photos that give you an insight into our work.

Picture of our robot


This was the task for our robot:


The task consists of two robots building a house together. There are three different house types to choose from, which are in differ in the number of their windows, and there are also two different roofs to choose.

At the beginning of the task, the desired house type is given to the robots .

All required components are made available at the edge of the field and have a microcode for identification. The first two to be placed Walls should be set up by the robots together. It's important, that each robot assembles at least two components. The duration of the whole process is 5 minutes.

How the robot works


Our robot moves using two wheels and a ball caster. This ensures stability. With this undercarriage, it can turn in all directions and go straight. In addition, it can also rotate around its own axis.

In order to transport all the walls and roofs, the robot needs a hoist. The hoist is equipped with an inverting electromagnet and two centering pins to guarantee the exact mounting of the components. The hoist is driven by a linear drive. Limit switches are also mounted on the hoist, which transmit a signal as soon as a wall has been picked up or placed.

Our robot has 13 infrared sensors to analyze the environment and to be able to orientate itself on the playing field. These prevent collisions and ensure orientation on the lines.

Because the components are provided with different microcodes, the robot needs something to recognize them. For this problem we used a Raspberry Pi camera, which is responsible for selecting the components.

Planning chassis

Planning gripper

Planning hoist

Planning total

A year full of new experience!

Started September 2021, finished August 2022. This was the year we completed a self-functioning robot.
When we received the above task last September, at the beginning of our systems engineering studies, we were shocked. Although we had already brought some knowledge from our previous education to the course, this task was already a great bridge between apprenticeship and studying.
But our interest in the project led us to new ideas, skills and motivation. In the first week of the study, the team used a mind map to collect different variants of what the robot could look like. After the first milestone we had the rough concept put together and the robot started to take shape. We were already wondering how we actually managed to create such a model out of nothing.
During the study week after the semester exams, we were able to deepen our knowledge in the various departments and specialize in the respective task. This week was the most important of the whole project. The knowledge we learned accompanied us until August and will probably continue to accompany us in our chosen specialization.
After stressful and sometimes night-long working days, we were able to assemble our robot before the summer holidays and help it to its final form. This robot should now be able to master the previously described task.
In conclusion, it can be said that we did not let setbacks and lack of motivation stop us and now see the result in front of us. We are proud to say that we made it from Zero to Hero together as a team.

Team organization

Members of our team

Daniel Werner


Education: Mechanical Internship

Chosen Specification: Software

Simon Schmid

Teamleader Software

Education: Automation Technican

Chosen Specification: Software

Sebastian Mayer


Education: Mechanical Engineering HTL

Chosen Specification: Mechanical Engineering

Manuel Lutz

Teamleader Mechanic

Education: Mechanical Engineering

Noah Gruber


Education: Poly Mechanican

Chosen Specification: Mechanical Engineering

Andrija Kljajic


Education: Poly Mechanican

Chosen Specification: Software

Markus Lerch

Teamleader Hardware

Education: HTL Hardware & Technical Software

Luca Juen


Education: HTL Hardware & Technical Software