Quality System

The OST quality system is strategically rooted at multiple levels. OST has set out a shared vision, mission, core values and strategic goals, which guide our activities. The quality system is developed, evaluated and continually improved in accordance with OST’s overarching strategy, its organization and competition strategy and its quality assurance strategy. Objective 5, «Quality», from the OST strategy governs the field of quality assurance and quality development:

«OST ensures ongoing self-improvement via a well-established, wide-ranging culture of quality, a target-oriented quality system, and selected accreditations and certifications.»

OST’s quality system is based on the 2020 model from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). A shared understanding of quality in teaching, further education, applied research & development, and services forms the basis for a shared culture of quality. The quality assurance strategy defines OST’s desired outcomes (quality definition – orientation), to be achieved using set quality tools (quality design – implementation). By evaluating and improving the practices used (quality assessment – results), the ongoing process of improvement is allowed to continue. The quality system helps to promote a culture of quality by selecting and providing suitable structures, concepts and processes for quality assurance, from which improvement measures are derived and quality development is ensured.

Quality Assurance Strategy

The quality assurance strategy shows all university stakeholders where they fit within the university’s strategic and operational framework. It explains OST’s understanding of quality culture, and documents OST’s concept of quality. The priorities specified serve as guidelines for quality assurance and quality development. With its quality assurance strategy, OST is ensuring that the university has a systematically maintained quality system to support the university’s activities and objectives. The quality concept derived from the quality assurance strategy sets out the roles, quality tools, and quality assurance processes used for quality development at OST.

Quality Development

Quality is ensured by people for people. OST views quality development as a tool that supports all university activities. The aim is to continually improve and safeguard quality in the various areas of activity and at the university itself as a living space. Numerous people from a variety of organizational units help to ensure quality at the university. All of the university’s committees are supplied with information and data to help with planning, implementing, quality assurance, and further development of their services and working areas. We are striving to ensure a better university that enhances the well-being of our students, project partners, and everyone involved in the university’s daily life.