Emergency counselling

When swift action is needed

The Psychosocial Counselling and Intervention Office (PSI) is a service provided by the OST for any of its students or employees who are faced with:

  • an acute crisis or
  • an emotionally-challenging emergency situation

When a person is faced with a personal crisis, swift action is needed. The OST Psychosocial Counselling and Intervention Office offers help in such cases.

The primary objective of the PSI is to provide emotional relief so that the person affected is once more able to consider potential solutions. After the initial meeting, either short-term counselling will be arranged, or a decision will be reached during the meeting and if necessary the person seeking advice will be referred to triage for further support. If greater discretion is required, it is possible to hold counselling sessions away from the OST. All contact with persons using the service is confidential.

The Psychosocial Counselling and Intervention Office also acts as a confidential point of contact in cases of:

  • sexual assault and
  • the bullying of students or employees at the FHS St.Gallen

The FHS PSI complies with the principles set out by the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland Institute for Gender and Diversity (IGD) and is staffed by a male as well as a female contact person.

* SBAP: Swiss Association of Applied Psychology