Research project

SolInd2Service – Solar Heat for Swiss Service Sector

The service sector accounts for about 16 % of Switzerland's final energy consumption (GES 2017). More than half of the energy consumed in this sector is used to provide low-temperature heat (< 120 °C) for heating, hot water and process heat, which is mainly derived from fossil fuels. For this temperature range, solar heat is a suitable and proven technology, which has been known for a long time from the domestic sector. In the project SolInd2Service, the heat demand in different parts of the service sector is investigated and possibilities to integrate solar thermal systems will be identified.

Subsequently, best-case scenarios will be developed to demonstrate and facilitate methods for the implementation of solar thermal energy in the service sector.

fact sheet (PDF, German)

fact sheet (PDF, English)

fact sheet (PDF, French)

Duration: 01.08.2020 - 28.02.2022