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Rapperswil-Jona Campus

The modern and innovative campus is in a prime location between Rapperswil station and Lake Zurich with a unique Tech Park in the Eichwies industrial area.

The Rapperswil-Jona Campus offers around 2,200 students, lecturers and staff of the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences a place to study, research and work. In addition to offices, classrooms, laboratories and other modern infrastructure, the site on Oberseestrasse has an exceptional park that extends to the shores of Lake Zurich.

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[Translate to English:] Campus Rapperswil

The Rapperswil-Jona Campus offers a wide range of sports activities from local partnerships with clubs and institutions as a balance to everyday study and work, while the adjacent recreation area and natural landscape along the lake shore offer a broad range of opportunities for attaining a healthy personal work-life balance.

The two student dormitories, Campus Restaurant and bistro are the ideal place for students to meet and socialize, with a view spanning right across the lakes and mountains. The Rapperswil-Jona Campus is also a popular location for external events and workshops.

Opening times

Monday – Friday: 7:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: closed

Building opening times

Monday – Friday: 06:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Saturday: closed

Students may access buildings using their campus card
Monday – Sunday: 05:00 a.m. – 12 midnight

How to find us

The OST Rapperswil-Jona campus is split into two sites, the Obersee Campus and the Eichwies Tech Park.

Obersee Campus

By public transportation

The OST Rapperswil-Jona Campus is located directly next to Rapperswil station. We recommend using public transportation to reach the campus.

By car: parking spaces

The nearest public parking lot is around a ten-minute walk away (see also the local parking guidance system). There are limited paid parking spaces available on campus grounds (maximum parking time: 2 hours). The parking garage can only be used by members of OST from Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Rapperswil-Jona campus site an building plan

OST Campus Rapperswil
Oberseestrasse 108640Rapperswil

Eichwies Tech Park

By public transportation

The Tech Park is located in the Eichwies industrial zone. By public transportation to Jona station or Blumenau station. The Eichwies Tech Park is a ten-minute walk from Jona station and a five minute walk from Blumenau station. From Rapperswil station, board the number 991 bus to the «Schulhaus Weiden» stop.

By car: parking spaces

Visitor parking is located in front of Building 20 or on the southern side of Building 18 by the tracks.

Techpark Eichwies
Eichwiesstrasse 18b8645Rapperswil

Degree programs and executive education courses at Rapperswil-Jona campus

Institutes at the Rapperswil-Jona campus

IBU Institute for Civil Engineering and the Environment
ICAI Interdisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence 
ICOM Institute for Communication Systems
IET Institute for Energy Technology
IFS Institute for Software
IKIK Institute for Corporate Communications and Intercultural Skills
ILF Institute for Landscapes and Open Spaces
ILT Institute for Lab Automation and Mechatronics
IMES Institute for Microelectronics, Embedded Systems and Sensors

INS Institute for Network and Security
IPEK Institute for Product Design, Development and Construction
IRAP Institute for Spatial Development
IWK Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing 
SPF Institute for Solar Technology
UMTEC Institute for Environmental and Process Engineering
WERZ Institute for Knowledge, Energy and Raw Materials Zug