Bachelor thesis

Would you like to examine a specific business topic within your company or institution in a way that combines specialist knowledge with practical application? One of our students can undertake this for you as an independent, unsupervised project in the context of their Bachelor’s thesis (BATH). The student is only supported by a supervisor at the beginning when finalising the thesis topic and defining their objectives. In contrast to team-based real-life student consulting projects, Bachelor’s theses are not continuously supervised by lecturers and clients. 

The thesis topic has two parts to it:

  1. Academic: what academic research already exists on the topic?
  2. Practical application: how can the research be applied to the specific case?

In light of the student learning objectives for BATH, the following requirements must be met when submitting the thesis topic: 

Topic from the field of business management
  • Macroeconomics or microeconomics
  • Strategic management
  • Marketing & corporate communications
  • Accounting & financial controlling
  • Personnel & organisational development
  • Corporate finance / banking & finance
  • Business information technology 
  • Sustainability and non-profit organization
A theoretical approach must be possible
  • Relevant theories, methods, concepts, models exist
  • Specialised literature exists on the thesis topic (e.g. reference books, textbooks, high-quality online sources/documents, studies, academic articles, dissertations)
Must have practical relevance
  • for businesses, institutions, economic or political entities, etc. 
Focus must not be too narrow
  • Can be determined by student
Student input
  • Number of team members: 1 student, individual project
  • Total commitment: approx. 250 hours
  • Students in semester: 5th-6th semester (full-time) or 7th-8th semester (part-time)
Lecturer input
  • Supervisor (no coaching): 17 hours
  • Co-supervisor: 5 hours
  • Final written paper: 50 pages, plus appendix
  • Abstract
  • Viva voce examination: with supervisor and co-supervisor (without client)
  • Language: German (English)
Fixed dates
  • Start: mid-November at the earliest
  • End: mid-July at the latest
  • Duration: approx. 24 weeks (with outline concept)
  • Submission of topic to WTT: by early September
  • Nomination not possible
  • Flat rate: CHF 800 (excl. VAT) payable to the WTT
  • Expenses: approx. CHF 200 (as incurred) payable to students

The thesis topic is defined and finalised by the student in consultation with the supervisor and aligned with the requirements for the Bachelor’s thesis BATH (taking  potential workload into consideration). The ideas of the clients are taken into account wherever possible.

Content elements: Current situation, scientific context, applied context, objectives, methodical approach, outline of work structure, rough timetable. 

As soon as the outline has been finalised, the student will inform the client of the final content, and the supervisor will assess and grade the project.

Final report 
  • The student alone is responsible for writing the final BATH report in accordance with the definitions and plans of the outline. Inputs from the supervisor and/or the client are quoted as expert opinions in the final report.
  • The academic work is based on the relevant literature and includes appropriate theories, approaches, concepts and/or models relating to the defined objectives.
  • If empirical methods are used, the selected methods and tools for collecting, analysing and preparing data must be appropriate. 
  • The hands-on work results in well-researched concepts, models, action recommendations and measures that have real-world application and are factually correct and cogent.
  • The requirements for academic writing are met (e.g. referencing rules, layout, required components, weighting of the individual chapters, appropriate structure, etc.) 
1. Directly

Student asks you for thesis topic or you approach student; the student then submits to the WTT.

2. Via MS-Teams 

We publish your thesis topic in a closed MS-Teams room for BATH students: students who are interested contact you and you select a student; the student then submits to the WTT.

Suitable for

Businesses and public institutions of all sizes and from all sectors in Switzerland and in the international Lake Constance region.