Study content and structure

In the Management and Law degree program at OST, you will receive a practical business law education in which management topics are not neglected. The concept of the study program was developed based on a comprehensive analysis of the economic region of Eastern Switzerland in 2019. The specific needs of law firms, companies and administrative authorities were analyzed and taken into account in the design of this novel degree program. Graduates with specific knowledge in business law and management are highly sought after in the job market.

«A practical business law education is a good basis for the work of a legal counsel. The combination of economic thinking, legal fundamentals and practical relevance is indispensable, especially in a company where quick pragmatic solutions are required. Compliance, data protection, labour law and contract drafting are the main topics in a company's legal department. This is what the degree program at OST can offer, among other things.»

Dr. Franziska Pertek
Attorney-at-law. Lectur at OST. 

They can choose between the specializations Human Resources, IT Governance & Security and Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law in their main studies. These specializations were deliberately chosen to counteract existing shortages of specialists. With the additional qualification gained through the chosen specialization, you will significantly increase your chances on the job market. You will have exactly the skills you need, for example, as a data protection specialist, as a paralegal in a commercial law firm or, for example, as a human resources manager in a company.

The Bachelor's program in Management and Law at OST is usually completed in six semesters (three years). Gainful employment of 50% is possible during the entire study program. For example, you can also complete the program in 9 semesters (basic studies in 3 semesters and main studies in 6 semesters). When designing the program, we attached great importance to a study program that can be attended flexibly.

The content of the Bachelor's program in Management and Law at the OST teaches you the most important aspects of business law and business administration, which are becoming increasingly relevant in everyday professional life as a result of the increasing legalization of all areas of life and advancing digitalization. The focus is on a sound education in business law. Depending on the specialization, 105 to 111 credits are allotted to purely legal modules. 24 credits relate to modules with business and business law content. The remaining 45 to 51 credits are available for a solid basic education in business administration. Cross-disciplinary competence focus and the interdisciplinary context study round off the innovative and novel education.

Study full-time or part-time


The Bachelor's program in Management and Law at OST can be completed flexibly on a full-time or part-time basis.

Full-time study usually lasts six semesters, or three years. Classes are held during the day from Monday to Friday. Study hours are between 7:40 a.m. and 6:35 p.m., depending on the schedule.

Part-time study allows you to pursue employment alongside your studies. In principle, the study program can be completed in four years with a continuous employment of 50%.

Basic and advanced studies


The Management and Law program combines a systemic management approach with a broad and solid basic education in business law in a consistently practice-oriented, high-quality course of study.

The basic studies (assessment level) of the Management and Law program last between two semesters (full-time) and three semesters (part-time). The program teaches the technical, methodological and instrumental fundamentals of management-oriented business economics as well as business and administrative law. Students who successfully complete the basic studies are admitted to the main studies.

In the main course, you will consolidate the basic knowledge of business administration you have acquired, expand your legal skills and apply what you have learned directly in several practical projects. By choosing your specialization, you set individual priorities for your future professional qualification. Towards the end of your studies, you will work on your Bachelor's thesis according to scientific requirements, which you will conclude with a disputation.

The curriculum is characterized by a pronounced practical orientation, the combination of legal study contents with those of system-oriented management and subjects from the field of digitalization and IT, a high value placed on networked thinking, and a novel and innovative combination of modules.

Course panel, full-time

Course Panel, part-time

A successful career in the business law work environment depends not only on professional competencies, but also on methodological skills, teamwork skills, and knowledge of one's own strengths and weaknesses.

In this sense, the Management and Law program at OST places great emphasis on interdisciplinary competencies. The four complementary learning areas listed below contain state-of-the-art technical and methodological knowledge. In addition, you will be systematically supported during your studies in interdisciplinary competencies such as critical self-reflection, competent conversation skills or the ability to work in a team.

Weighting: basically 111 credits resp. 62%.
In this learning area you will acquire:

  • In-depth specialist knowledge in central areas of law
  • Knowledge of legal methodology
  • Research skills in the legal context
  • Legal problem-solving skills

Practical business law projects
Weighting: 21 credits resp. 12%.
In this learning area you will acquire:

  • Application and implementation competencies
  • Project management and reflection skills
  • Problem solving and networking skills

System-oriented management
Weighting: basically 33 credits resp. 18%.
In this learning area you will acquire:

  • Basic knowledge in Business Information Systems , economics and business administration
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Problem solving and networking skills
  • Methodological and development skills
  • Understanding of economic interrelationships and the logic of success

Culture, society and languages
Weighting: 15 credits resp 8%
In this learning area you will develop:

  • Understanding of other cultures and people, ethical and political issues
  • Orientation and action competencies
  • Self- and social competences
  • Communication and cooperation skills
  • Business and Legal English

The completion of your studies is the writing and "defence of” your Bachelor's thesis in business law. This requires the scientifically sound treatment of a topic, which usually comes from the area of your chosen specialization. The bachelor thesis is to be written as an individual work and is concluded with a disputation.

The successful completion of your studies, including the Bachelor's thesis, entitles you to use the title "Bachelor of Science in Management and Law". The additional qualification you have obtained by attending the chosen specialization is explicitly mentioned in the diploma.