Jalapeño API Gateway


Jalapeño is a cloud-native infrastructure platform for network services developed by Cisco Systems. The application is still in its early stages and an API gateway is needed as a central access point for SR apps (apps that use this data to implement topology or traffic engineering use cases).

The INS is working with Cisco Systems to develop this API gateway.

Starting Position

Jalapeño captures the network topology and performance data provided by segment routing technology. After processing the data, it is stored in two different databases. The ArangoDB stores all network topology-related data, while the InfluxDB is used for the performance data. These databases can be queried directly by SR apps.

The current model is error-prone and not very flexible. Any changes to the data model would most likely cause the SR apps to stop working. Also, depending on the number of SR apps, the amount of database queries can become problematic.

Jalapeño without an API Gateway


The solution is a single API gateway that would be implemented as an extension of the existing Jalapeño framework.

An API gateway brings several advantages:

  • It provides a single access point for SR apps, regardless of how many databases Jalapeño uses.
  • It decouples SR apps from Jalapeño's internal operations.
  • It can include a push service that allows SR apps to subscribe to live updates for specific collections or counters.
  • It can use caching of frequently requested data to respond faster to requests and reduce the load on databases.
Jalapeño with an API Gateway


Severin Dellsperger

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