Career Opportunities

Graduates of the master’s programme in Business Administration at OST are ready to take on challenging managerial positions through their focus on "Corporate/Business Development".

While a bachelor's degree is a good initial professional qualification, a master's degree opens up new perspectives for numerous exciting management tasks that require higher qualifications. The Master's in Corporate/Business Development offers graduates excellent career opportunities through its unique approach. They are prepared to assume overall entrepreneurial management responsibility in various management positions. As managers who think and act holistically, they will play a key role in proactively shaping the successful development of companies, and they will find a wealth of exciting fields of activity.

Possible career tracks with the OST Master in Business Administration, specialization "Corporate/Business Development", are:

  • Management/Member of the Executive Board
  • Management of business units
  • Staff position of the management of a large company
  • Business Development Manager (e.g. Project Manager Corporate/Business Development)
  • Business Consultant (internal/external management consultancy)
  • Strategic planning specialist (e.g. management support staff position)
  • Business Analyst
  • Manager of challenging, interdisciplinary and international projects