Bachelor in Management and Law

Are you ready to tackle challenging interdisciplinary activities at the interface of business and law? Then the Bachelor of Management and Law at OST is right for you. The degree opens doors to numerous challenging and interesting positions in law, business and administration.

The study program in brief

Types of study/time models

Basic studies as full-time or part-time studies (professional activity alongside studies is thus possible and desirable throughout).

Fields of specialization

Business Law, Human Resources, IT Governance & Security or Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law

Practical orientation

All students work in teams on two practical projects during their studies. These projects are commissioned by companies, administrative units or law firms. All students also complete a legal internship of at least three weeks, for which they receive 3 credits. We also place great emphasis on practical relevance in all modules, e.g. in the module «The Court Case», which is designed as a block week.


Professional baccalaureate type business and service, baccalaureate with professional practice

Application deadline

End of April of the current year

Start of studies

Every September in week 38, introductory week in week 37.


Campus St.Gallen

Why study Management and Law?

  • In demand in the world of work: Complex legal issues are arising more and more frequently in business and public administration. Graduates of the course find answers thanks to their specific legal expertise.
  • Specialization during the course: The four specializations in Business Law, Human Resources, IT Governance & Security as well as Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law offer the opportunity to lay the foundations for the desired career path during the course.
  • Pleasant learning environment: Manageable class sizes, a well-structured timetable (lessons in the first half of the week) and digitalized learning opportunities support you in your learning process. In addition, attendance is not compulsory, which allows you to take on other commitments.
  • Practice-oriented: In practical projects, you will advise companies and public institutions on legal issues during your studies. Numerous guest lecturers and qualified teaching staff bring practical experience into the seminar rooms.
  • Connectable: With a Bachelor's degree in Management and Law, the path to becoming a legal agent, to various Master's degree courses or, after completing a subsequent university degree, to becoming a lawyer is open to you.