Determination of material properties

We determine technical parameters of metallic, ceramic and polymer materials according to standards (DIN, ISO, ASTM etc.) or customer specifications:

  • Hardness and hardness curve
  • modulus of elasticity, yield/elongation limit, tensile strength, elongation at break
  • Flow curves
  • Residual stress test
  • Impact energy (temperature-dependent)
  • Layer thickness (non-destructive/destructive)
  • Dynamic strength characteristics
  • Determination of the Wöhler line
  • Vibration test

Examples of processed orders

Tensile tests on

  • Drawn and annealed 60 µm wires made of nickel-based and iridium alloys.
  • stainless steel samples produced by selective laser melting (SLM) or metal injection moulding (MIM)
  • Thin spring steel and electrical steel sheets
  • (aged) polymer standard bars (between RT and 200°C)
  • polymer safety nets (fall protection for construction sites)
  • high strength bolts
  • anchor bolts
  • standard tensile specimens
  • pre-material for cold forming and tubes

Compression and bending pressure test on

  • Ceramic plates
  • Camshafts, hollow shafts
  • GRP and carbon composite components

Puncture, tear, tear-out and pull-off tests on

  • Espresso capsules
  • Textile fabrics
  • Wall anchors
  • Needle bearing fixings (between RT and 200°C)

Hardness curves on

  • Gear wheels
  • screws
  • Case hardened ball hubs

Pendulum impact and notched bar impact tests on

  • Structural steels
  • Tool steels
  • Fastening screws for indexable inserts

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