Vier Studierende des Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik im Campusgebäude

Occupational fields

As a graduate in business information technology from OST, you will be one of the most sought-after specialists and managers in the business world. Thanks to the consistent practical relevance of your studies, you will be able to take on qualified tasks after only a short training period.

Specialists in business information technology with a bachelor's degree can be found in particular in ICT planning, management and consulting, project management and ICT organization. With the Business Software Development specialization, you will also qualify for professions in the field of business application development.

Specialists in business information technology are not only active in the ICT sector, but also in various departments such as IT, controlling, logistics, procurement or sales in a wide range of industries.

A wide range of career opportunities are open to our graduates. To give you an idea of the different professions, the official designations of Swiss ICT are used. There are numerous synonyms for the various professions.

You will find detailed descriptions of these professions on the Swiss ICT homepage.

The professional prospects are very good: The job market in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector is growing strongly. According to the latest study "ICT-Fachkräftesituation: Bedarfsprognose 2028", Switzerland is predicted to need an additional 117,900 skilled workers in 2028. Of these, 54,300 specialists represent the additional need for training.

In the ICT occupational field, 50% of employees in Switzerland have a university degree. The educational level of ICT employees is thus very high compared to the educational level of employees in Switzerland as a whole, which is 28%. A degree is therefore a sensible investment if you want to work in ICT.