Software Engineering & Programming Language Lab

The Software Engineering & Programming Language Lab provides support in a variety of techniques and technologies aimed at increasing the reliability of your software. These techniques range from tests and reviews to formal methods that enable proofs of critical properties of entire systems.

The Software Engineering & Programming Language Lab offers the following professional services:

✓Consultation on various issues related to software correctness

✓Tailored Courses of varying length on specific aspects and techniques to ensure software correctness

✓A Software Health Check to independently judge the quality of your software project

✓Reviews and recommendations to supplement your software development process

✓Development of Software and Custom Algorithms to suit your exact needs



Prof. Dr. Farhad Mehta

In case you are interested in any of our professional services, please contact us. We will be pleased to send you an offer.

In addition to our professional services, we cooperate with companies and other institutions in the areas of Research and Technology Transfer. In case you have an interesting problem or idea that you would like to pursue together with us as a research project, please contact us.