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Research priorities

Research project

Integrated Risk Management for care facilities

Due to demographic trends, the importance of outpatient and inpatient care facilities will continue to grow in the future and requirements, including infection prevention in inpatient care facilities, will increase. While the demands on the quality of services are increasing, the financial viability of care costs is increasingly…

Research project

Future scenarios for communities - summary of the project and the project results

Was a municipality able to implement its legislative goals? How does it compare with socioeconomically and politically similar municipalities? Where does it want to go in the next ten years? These and similar questions are of concern to municipal councils and municipal presidents. The research project is developing a toolbox…

Research project

Everyday art as an innovation and integration factor in companies in the Lake Constance region - an illustration using the example of music

In the planned research project "Everyday Art as a Factor of Innovation and Integration", the prerequisites, processes and results of the cooperation between business enterprises and art or artists in the Lake Constance region are to be determined using the example of music, and how the competencies of musicians can be implemented…

Research project

Application of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps in the Strategic Performance Management of the Tourism Industry Graubünden

In the context of strategy development for organizations, the identification of relevant trends occupies a prominent position. The goal is to collect, quantify, structure and combine the diverse, mostly unstructured data from the Web in order to derive forecasts. In order to be able to assess relationships between extracted facts…

Research project

Integrated financial management with the St.Gallen Financial Management Model (SFF)

Financial management is demanding. In increasingly volatile market environments, decisions have to be made in even more uncertain times. With the St.Gallen financial management model we support you in financial management. We analyze your financial statements and determine the annual performance according to a…