Practical focus

As the Bachelor's degree program is primarily aimed at providing you with the skills necessary for a professional career, you will need a specific methodological repertoire in addition to sound theoretical knowledge. You will apply what you have learned in two practical modules (internships) as well as in real-life student consulting projects (project work).

Practical modules (internships)

Two practical modules (internships) and courses accompanying your practical training form an integral part of the Bachelor's degree program. Our Experiential Learning Expert Team will support you in all questions relating to practical training.

The goal of the practical modules is:

  • Development and consolidation of professional functional competencies.
  • Implementation and reflection on content learned during the degree program.
  • In-depth familiarization with the practical areas of social work.

Real-life student consulting project (project work)

Another important part of the degree program is the real-life student consulting project. You will carry out a project assignment as a service on behalf of organizations that deal with social issues. This project work will provide you with insights into methods used within social organizations, research and development, and consulting. The project assignments will be coordinated by our Experiential Learning Expert Team.