When you make social work your profession, you put people at the center of your work. Social work professionals and practitioners intervene where social problems become so great that the people concerned cannot solve them on their own. They help people to manage their everyday lives independently, while also taking measures to prevent people from becoming socially disadvantaged.

Fields of Social Work

Typical fields of social work include public social services, organizations committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults, advice centers, and projects in focal areas such as addiction, family, violence, migration, etc.

Social workers

  • support those with social disadvantages in matters of finance, in the search for work or a place to live, in forming social networks, and referring those in need to other relevant support programs and services.
  • advise and support people dealing with challenging living situations, such as poverty, illness, addiction, or abuse.
  • create opportunities for disadvantaged people to integrate into their environment.

Fields of work in Social Pedagogy

Typical fields of work in social pedagogy include residential groups, homes, day care centers, children's and youth centers, socio-pedagogical family support, or street work.

Social pedagogues

  • organize appropriate meeting and leisure facilities.
  • provide educational activities for children and young people and offer parents support with parenting-related concerns.
  • foster rehabilitation and social integration for people of all ages.