If you make social work your profession, you will place people at the heart of your work. Social work intervenes where social problems are so big that the individuals affected cannot solve them by themselves. It helps people cope with their daily life independently, but also takes measures to prevent social disadvantage.

Career perspectives in Social Work

Typical work fields in social work include public social services, organisations in child and adult protection, counselling centres and projects in thematic areas such as addiction, family, violence, migration, etc.

Social workers

  • support socially disadvantaged people in financial matters, in their search for work or housing, in establishing social networks and providing consulting services to other departments.
  • advise and support people in difficult life situations, such as poverty, disease, addiction or abuse.
  • create services so that disadvantaged people may integrate into their environment.

Typical fields of work in social pedagogy include residential care groups, homes, day care, children and youth centres, socio-educational family support or street work.

Social pedagogues

  • create adequate meeting and leisure facilities.
  • offer education for children and young people and support parents in education.
  • promote the rehabilitation and integration of people of all ages.