Printing Technologies

Innovative, versatile and flexible

Our research institute supports industrial partners in developing their technological innovations. We provide solutions for process optimization, printing methods, ink development and various other printable materials. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemistry and material sciences ensures successful support.

In addition to the expertise in various printing technologies, we specialize in handling and dispensing of highly viscous fluids and the in functionalizing of surfaces.

Inkjet printing (IJP)

Digitalization and economization make ink jet printing more and more interesting for various areas (fields) of industry. We deal with every aspect of the engineering of the complete printing procedure, including process and ink development, e.g. printing head, nozzle plate inline and post process.

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Micro contact printing is a simple and versatile method for transfering individual molecules or complex substances, e.g. adhesives, coatings onto surfaces in a structured way. As a result, different chemical functions within the micro- and nanometer range can be created on a single surface of extensive size. Micro contact printing is a way to transfer molecules onto a target surface by means of an elastic silicon stamp.

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A specifically developed mold tool and a micro contact printingtool made by IMP allow an economical and reproducible fabrication of the stamp.

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The surfaces are functionalized and structured by µCP, either from laminar gas phases or from chemical solutions.

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For the various printing methods, e.g. ink jet printing, we are involved with dispersion and stabilization of particles, modification of existing fluids and coatings as well as characterization of inks.

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A comprehensive infrastructure for ink development and various printing technologies are available in-house.


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